1 May 2014

Yurt Party

Words: Xandra van der Eijk

Photography: Sanne Poppeliers & Gerard Suk

We celebrated the launch of I Wait Here with a super epic yurt party and combined it with a photography exhibition in the woods of Sunday Mornings at the River.

I Wait Here and Sunday Mornings at the River teamed up to organize a small gathering in the country. IWH celebrated the launch of the website and general initiative with music & good food, while SMatR organised an outdoor exhibition. Together we presented a little shop in the yurt, complemented with the handknitted sweaters from Elisabeth’s Knitwear and band merch of our musicians.


Once the evening set and the barbecues were magicaly transformed into woodfires, Het Gloren, The T.S. Eliot Appreciation Society, Amber Arcades and Bjarke and the Bare Orchestra filled the air with their tunes. As we danced into the night and crawled up by the fire listening to an unexspected encore by Bjarke, the night slowely turned back into the day. After some small hours in our tents, we woke up to a beautiful morning where we shared an elaborate homemade brunch after returning home.

Thank you Rebecca of Sunday Mornings at the River for teaming up, Gerard and Sanne for taking pictures and Paardenmelkerij De Bonte Hoeve for borrowing the land. Thank you dear photographers participating in the SMatR exhibition: Dennis Lehmann, Elena Ayllon, Michael McCraw, Alexandre Furcolin Filho, Leanne Surfleet, Matt Austin, Annosh Urbank, Hannelore Commers, Andrés Medina, Brian Bielawa and Roberto Rubalcava. Your work is awesome. Last but not least thank you dear guests, who have traveled from far to attend this party in the middle of nowhere. We hope you had a great time, we sure did.


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