11 November 2015

New collaboration

Words Xandra van der Eijk
Photography Lonneke van der Palen

From October 2015, Aliki van der Kruijs is represented by I Wait Here Agency. Together I Wait Here and Aliki will invest in the development of Aliki’s projects and general career.

Image left: Aliki by Lonneke van der Palen for PROOFFlab Magazine, curated by Makkink&Bey
Image right: Close-up of 'Made by Rain'

About Aliki van der Kruijs
Aliki van der Kruijs (Deurne, The Netherlands, 1984) is a Dutch textile designer and artist with an experimental and innovative mind-set. Her fascination for natural phenomena comes back in all of her work, in which nature is material and subject at the same time. In her projects, Aliki investigates and develops new techniques to communicate a process.

After graduating from ArtEZ (Arnhem, The Netherlands) with a BA in Fashion Design in 2007, Aliki worked at the atelier of international jeansbrand G-Star RAW as a concept and material designer. In 2012 she graduated from the Sandberg Instituut (Amsterdam) with a MA in Applied Art. Ever since her MA studies, Aliki has been focussing on the use of textile as a medium to communicate, in this way highlighting the relationship between culture and nature.

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About I Wait Here
I Wait Here helps designers and artists to professionalize their business and build their career while safeguarding the integrity of their concepts or research. By offering individual artistic and business support, I Wait Here aims to create more space for the designer or artist to focus on the development of new and visionary projects.

I Wait Here believes that by working as a collective all can benefit from each others areas of expertise. Working with a small team of creative minded individuals, all with their own specific area of expertise, I Wait Here much rather discovers a new path instead of following the beaten track. By providing a platform, organizing events and exhibitions as well as an online (and occasionally offline) shop, I Wait Here creates a place for synergy — stimulating collaborations and new projects.

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