11 November 2015

DDW15 Report

Words Xandra van der Eijk
Photography Xandra van der Eijk

During Dutch Design Week 2015 I Wait Here presented the new project ‘Colors of the Oosterschelde’ by Nienke Hoogvliet and Xandra van der Eijk as well as new research and products by designer Lotte de Raadt.

Colors of the Oosterschelde

Nienke Hoogvliet and Xandra van der Eijk have shown a new research into the applicability of algae and seaweed in textiles. With the support of I Wait Here the duo was granted funding by the Dutch Creative Industries Fund. Together Nienke and Xandra harvested over ten different species of seaweed and with this harvest they created a wide color palette, mirroring the colors of the Dutch coastal area. As a first look into their ongoing project that started only a month ago, they have presented their early results at Smalle Haven.

Colours of the Oosterschelde by Nienke Hoogvliet & Xandra van der Eijk

Colored Drops | Archiving Water

Colored Drops is a design research from studio Lotte de Raadt where a new method for treating ceramics is being researched with a self developed glazing technique. The glazing behaves unpredictable like water – it finds its own way and leaves intricate but beautiful and tactile structures behind. The process is designed, the outcome is left to chance. The collection consists out of plates with different textures and colors which archive the flow of water.

Archiving Water by Lotte de Raadt

IWH Shop at DDW15

In honor of the designers who are represented by or related to I Wait Here, a special Dutch Design Week shop was realized. The shops offered both products derived from the exhibited projects as well as products derived from previously exhibited projects. Visitors had the chance to take home a unique product, while directly supporting the designer with their purchase. The shop offered products by Aliki van der Kruijs, Daan Spanjers, Jetske Visser, Lotte de Raadt, Nienke Hoogvliet, Kirstie van Noort and Xandra van der Eijk. All products will be offered for sale in the webshop, to be launched by the end of November.

IWH Shop at DDW15

Exhibition & Shop

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