4 May 2016

Roos Meerman

Roos Meerman

In her laboratory Roos Meerman researches the influence of mechanical manipulation of natural phenomena, by experimenting with material. The way natural forces create organic forms is highly intriguing, as are the innate properties materials have. Machines, which are the complete opposite of natural transformations of material, also fascinates her; a devise that does precisely that which the user wants it tot do and has predictable output.

For Roos designing starts with experimenting with material: dipping, heating, melting, stretching, breaking or freezing the material. She tries to transform the tendencies and characteristics of the material and to provoke specific forms. She searches for interesting characteristics and the limits of the material by playing with it. Her goal is to control the material but in such a way that it retains its freedom of movement, so the result is always unique.

Her machines represent an analytical and fundamental designing process, comparable to scientists wanting to get a grip on a phenomenon and to learn to control it.

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