I Wait Here Agency — provides you, designers and artists, with the best support to get your projects market ready and lighten the load on the business side of things. Leaving you with more time to do the thing you love most: creating new conceptual projects and unique products.

We help you to professionalize your business, search into production possibilities and support you artistically while safeguarding your ethics and integrity as a designer or artist. We provide the support you need to alleviate the strains of being a business owner so that you have more time to put into developing new and visionary projects.

We believe that by working as a collective we can all benefit from each others areas of expertise, a place for synergy, stimulating collaborations and new work. We are a team of strong individuals, each with our own skills and knowledge, much rather discovering a new path instead of following the beaten track.

Please take a look into what we do, either through our magazine or the information below. If you feel like you could use our help or are looking to collaborate, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Counceling & Strategy

At times, every designer or artist feels the need to reflect on their work with somebody who is independent and knows their business. Maybe you have a lot of potentially good ideas or conceptual projects waiting to be continued. Maybe you need some advice on what the next step in a current project should be, or how you should connect your work to the market. Because we have a background in design and art ourselves, we are the right people to help you take a fresh look at what you are doing. With a strong focus on maintaining your integrity as a designer or artist, we ignite the spark that will get you to act on your ideas and continue your projects. In a series of energetic creative sessions, we give you the artistic support that will help you grow.

Business Development

In creative professions, starting a business sometimes comes as a necessity or a consequence rather than a conscious choice. We provide personal guidance in your artistic practice, helping you to determine your business strategy and positioning within the market. By setting up a proper foundation together, you can work towards your goals with confidence. We assist you in writing your business plan and in writing applications for funding. We coach you on a business level to set up an efficient and ethical company that aims to provide you with a living by doing what you love to do most.

Production Support

More than anyone, we understand the charm of handmade objects, made in your own studio. However, if you want to grow, outsourcing (part) of the production process can prove a valuable option. We guide you in the process whilst safeguarding the integrity of the concept and the product. We work with a network of European producers that have proven their value. If we have no producer in our network that can meet your specific needs, we can initiate a custom search.

Besides the producers in our network we have an interest in social and local projects that keep craft alive and provides work to those who need it most. Within this interest we set up connections that can initiate new designs or projects, either for individual designers or for designers as a collective.

Sales Support

Wether you decide to outsource production or to keep the production within your own studio, keeping continuance in sales is ultimately, another profession. It is time consuming and, if you don’t know what you are doing, sometimes even costs more than it yields. We can help you with branding and pricing as well as figuring out what items make a balanced collection. We use our own shop to test the waters for new products. This way we can offer you a low acces, friendly environment where you can grow in to a more commercial attitude without losing your integrity.


With the world that is the internet, chances are you are doing pretty well on the PR front. We are not a PR company and not aim to be. But: we represent you wherever we go, whomever we meet. We promote you through our website, events and social media, connecting our brandname to yours. We endorse you and your product when we get in touch with our press relations and offer you our network of professionals and creatives to benefit from. As we think in your best interest, joining our initiative can offer you exciting chances. In the end, we believe that by using all our individual talents and strengths, together we can achieve anything.


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